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IoT today with


Introducing a powerful and cost effective IoT solution to bring equipment online so you can mine smarter


work smarter not harder

Take advantge of tomorrow's technology today. BluePipe SMART MINE gives you the ability to remotely control, monitor and automate pumps, lighting towers, solar and surveillance trailers,  and a whole host of fixed and mobile equipment. Bring them together through Smart Mine Connectivity to increase safety, increase productivity and reduce downtime. Our real time monitoring and reporting will bring your site into the future. Get smart about mining and get the control you need by bringing IoT to your operation.

SMART MINE is for any site that wants ancillary equipment to work smarter, faster and safer.


Feature Snapshot

Control Equipment

Quick Response & Reduced Costs

Automate Readings
& Reporting

Increase Safety & Efficency

Automate Alerts

Identify Issues Immediately

Real-time Monitoring

Increase your visibility and be in control


Robust Hardware

Rewarding Features

BluePipe Communications Availability Spatial Analysis (CASA) is network agnostic and will utilise data through any site RF network to ascertain usable network coverage area as well as signal condition for every location reported on your mine. As CASA is built on the BluePipe hardware platform, installation of any BluePipe FMS or LITE. will provide data that seamlessly integrates into the CASA system for real-time reporting of the signal strength metrics and actual throughput of data on your RF network.


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