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unlock your network potential with
BluePipe CASA

A powerful and cost effective way to measure and monitor the RF signal coverage across your site


Real Data, Real Results

BluePipe Communications Availability Spatial Analysis (CASA) is a spatial analysis of real-time network data throughput in a geographically defined area. With interactive heat maps of your effective RF signal coverage, you can see across your site where your Comms are reaching and where they’re not. CASA uses real data, with real measured metrics so you can stop relying on theoretical models and start mapping the actual coverage across your mine. Don’t stay in the dark any longer when it comes to your Comms.


BluePipe CASA 
Feature Snapshot

RF Network Monitoring

Optimize RF Comms Network

Signal Strength


Qualitative Signal Measurements

Visual Heatmaps

Real Data Spatial Mapping

Safe Comms

Identify Areas Of Risk Quickly


Robust Hardware

Rewarding Features

BluePipe Communications Availability Spatial Analysis (CASA) is network agnostic and will utilise data through any site RF network to ascertain usable network coverage area as well as signal condition for every location reported on your mine. As CASA is built on the BluePipe hardware platform, installation of any BluePipe FMS or LITE. product will provide data that seamlessly integrates into the CASA system for real-time reporting of the signal strength metrics and actual throughput of data on your RF network.


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