Mine Control

REPORTING AND CONTROL For Supervisors and managers


Monitor your load count, truck cycles, delay times and many more aspects of your operation to the minute. With this information delivered to you, you're able to make informed decisions in real time to increase your equipment’s uptime and output. This helps you operate your mine more productively, safely and profitably.


BluePipe reporting and control applications help clarify what your KPIs are and whether you are meeting them. The system helps you identify the areas of your operation that need more attention that would often be missed or overlooked. 


All data collected by the system buffers on-board the vehicle, so nothing gets lost if vehicles were to lose primary network coverage network. If equipment does move out of network range, the system will use data transfers between BluePipe equipment to carry the data to where the network coverage exists. This redundant network feature helps set BluePipe apart as a leader in robust and  effective communications. Ultimately it means that supervisors, managers and dispatch operations get the information they need, when its needed.