Real Time Asset Tracking

BluePipe actively tracks and reports on vehicle positions, time, location and travelling speeds in real time, so you always have eyes on your fleet. 
Every event in the haul cycle is recorded and reported on from loading to travelling to tipping. Recall vehicle positions and behavior at all times with the simple click of a button.


Unnecessary wait times while loading, dumping impact on productivity. BluePipe works to identify these times through vehicle status reporting so decisions can be made through dispatch on where productivity gains are to be made. 


Clients using BluePipe have reported an increase in 10% in productivity by simply identifying areas of inefficiency in their hauling cycles. This attributes to hundreds of additional productivity hours per annum and increased effective hauling cycles for your operations


  • Comprehensive Vehicle Status Reporting


    BluePipe reports the status of any stationary vehicle and indicates locations and stationary time.


    It also provides a current snapshot of each vehicle status. This data shows the time each vehicle has remained stationary together with its relative on-site location.




    Optimized Payload Efficiency


    BluePipe ensures each truck has a real-time awareness of the loader or shovel that is loading it. The system immediately reports the payload status of each truck in real time and communicates this to the loader or shovel operator via the BluePipe operator interface. This allows for accurate loading to the target payload range so costly under loading is avoided as well as vehicle damaging over filing.