Mine Production Reporting and Control

Who we are.



BluePipe is the Mining Based Fleet Management System of TerraVision.

TerraVision supplies real-time tracking, reporting

and monitoring systems to agencies, governments and commercial industries 

all around the globe.


We specialise in breakthrough software and hardware technologies in the area of data acquisition, telemetry and analytics.


What we do.

BluePipe is a Mining Operations Reporting and Fleet Management System that works to lower your cost of mining, boost productivity and increase operational efficiency through real time data applications.


With BluePipe KPI data, you can make the real time decisions that matter on your mine. 

Who we partner with.

What our clients say.

  • Lithium Mining Contractor

    "I have found the data integrity and ease of use of the system for my employees has been excellent."

  • Geology Superintendent

    "The way the BluePipe system analyses positional data to interpret the actions and orientation of a machine is clever. It doesn't require any human input from a truckie which is where BluePipe is ahead of other systems."

  • Mining Production Manager

    "We have seen a 10% increase in efficiency since using the BluePipe reporting system."

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